President's Message

Dr Lakshmi Mahesh
President, OPAI


At the outset please accept my heartfelt thanks for accepting me as the President of the OPAI. It gives me great  joy  to pen these lines in the OPAI website which will be an active forum from now on. Members are welcome to send in their posts and have active discussions which can also be retrieved.

Let us embark on this journey of continued learning from each other. It should be an on going  process with no destination except the fulfillment and satisfaction of travelling well.

I am indebted  to my teacher Professor Nirmala Subramanian who has been and continues to be a great source of inspiration. Her interest and love for the subject together with the spirit of giving the best for every case has been very contagious . I hold many seniors in our Association in great awe and esteem.  In tribute to many challenges they faced to bring up this speciality in India , it would be apt to have a segment dedicated to them as Guru Vandana..

I salute all my contemporaries and fellow members who are so enthusiastic and full of energy. Some of them are so accomplished and will take the Association to further  heights. My grateful thanks to Dr Gagan Dudeja and Mr Mohammed Naizal for making all this come true. Pray the Almighty to help us in this journey.

Best Wishes
Lakshmi  Mahesh

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