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  The Oculoplastics Association of India (OPAI) was founded in the year 1990 to establish a collegial group of qualified ophthalmic plastic surgeons. The members specialize in the management of disorders of the eyelids,.... To promote and stimulate general advancement, education, Academic and Research activities of ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery..... There are several benefits of becoming an OPAI member. Only an ophthalmologist can become a General member, but any professional with active interest in Oculoplastics, Orbital and Lacrimal disorders....  
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27th OPAI Annual Conference
30th Sep to 2nd Oct  2016 at Vadodara
Organizing Secretary:Dr. Ishan Acharya
Email: vadopai2016@gmail.com 


Mid-term OPAI Meeting
10th July 2016, Hyderabad
Organizing Secretary:
Dr. Tarjani Dave
Phone: +91-7680849900
Email: tvdeye@gmail.com 

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